International bread of Brazil

The cheese bread, typical product of the State of Minas Gerais

Just like the hamburger in the United States, it is a traditional food that is part of the daily routine of the whole family. Although it has existed since the eighteenth century, the traditional cheese bread has been popular in Brazil since 1950. And its recent variations have appealed to the most demanding palates – including international ones.


California Cheese Bread

Founded by Frederico goes and Nilde Gomes, California Cheese Bread INC specializes in the diffusion of Brazilian flavor in international soils. The company has a partnership with a Brazilian factory and focus on the production of unmistakable cheese breadand the fulfillment of its demands with excellent quality.

California Cheese Bread has been legally and professionally structured for nearly two years. These delicious product, approved and certified both in Brazil and the United States (FDA and USDA), was launched after 1 year and 8 months of research and negotiations. A necessary period to find the perfect manufacturer for the export partnership: one who had the same business vision as California Cheese Bread and kept the same philosophy of work as well as all the mandatory requirements of the manufacturing process.


More than a partner

California Cheese Bread maintains a solid commercial relationship, working together to collaborates not only with the mission to serve the customer well, but also with social and environmental responsibilities.

This unique product and responsible partner, with a rigorously certified company, make California Cheese Bread cheese breads an irresistible product that will ( I rather change it to “with potential to”) achieve in the United States the same recognition found in Brazil.

The initial acceptance was a great success. The first 20-foot container, imported for product and brand disclosure, established fixed contracts with eight customers in Florida, Miami and North Carolina.

Constantly working, California Cheese Bread invests in professional brand enhancement and creative marketing, and one of its next objectives is to partner with a charity in the United States for philanthropic purposes.


So delicious, it’s impossible to eat just one!

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