California Cheese Bread was founded three years ago from the gastronomic passion of two friends: Fred Goes and Nilde Gomes.

It was on a trip to California, on a visit to the couple of friends Fred and Daise Goes, that Nilde Gomes prepared a special cheese bread recipe… and her friends loved it!

From this culinary experience, many ideas emerged and Fred started the cheese bread project with a single goal: bring a traditional Brazilian culinary product to the American market.

However, it was very difficult to find authentic and consistent ingredients. That’s why the friends decided to manufacture the product in Brazil. It was the ideal way to guarantee the offer of a high quality product (extra premium), with no artificial flavorings, gluten-free and with an irresistible taste. Currently, California Cheese Bread is sold in the Brazilian markets of California, North Caroline and Florida. Fred and Nilde have recently signed a contract with a distributor in the United States and will soon the cheese bread will be at the US market.

“We have faced lots of obstacles, but the will to win has always spoken louder, we know that many have faced and still face this journey. That strengthens us because we believe in our product and in our success,” they say.

Confident, the friends were surprised. “It was very gratifying to hear from our customers that California Cheese Bread today is the best cheese bread in the US. We know that our achievement will be reached, not only for our work and perseverance, but because we are recognized as an incomparable product that has a differential”, they conclude.

So delicious, it’s impossible to eat just one!

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