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It is not necessary gluten to create the best cheesebread.

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We only use all natural ingredients.

California Cheesebread

Favorite Snack of Brazil!

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International bread of Brazil

The cheese bread, typical product of the State of Minas Gerais.

Easy, Fast and Delicious

You will wonder how simple ingredients can taste so good.


Tapioca Flour



Palm Oil



Cheese bread is a traditional gluten free bread from Brazil.

All across the country people grow up eating these little puffs of heaven. It is slightly crisp and browned on the outside and airy and  creamy in the inside. It  can be ready in 30 minutes and while in the oven they smell awesome and irresistible. Since they’re so flavorful due to the cheese and tapioca flour, brazilian  cheese bread is tasty as it gets, but feel free to serve them with butter, cheese, jelly or even dulce de leche.

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So delicious, it’s impossible to eat just one!

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